Moving Glossary

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Accessorial Services - Accessorial services mean additional supportive services as like such shuttle service request by you at the time of move.

Agent - A man or company who handling moving and relocation related services as like booking, hauling on behalf moving company.

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Bill of Lading - Bill of landing mean customer's receipt for goods and contract for transportation.

Binding/Non-Binding Estimate -A binding estimate means that agreement made in advance between the customer and the mover and non-binding estimate is the carrier's approximation of the cost based on the estimated weight of moving belonging.

Booking Agent - Booking agent mean may or may not be the origin or destination agent of move.

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Carrier - Carrier mean a company provides moving and relocation services for customer with government authority licenses.

Claim -Claim mean right of moving and relocation customer to claim against loss at the time of moving and relocation.

COD - COD mean’s that Cash on delivery .

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DOT - DOT mean’s that Department of Transportation

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Fuel Surcharge - Fuel sure charges mean if fuel charges increased unexpectedly during moving and transportation these charges are applicable for your move.

Full-Service Packing & Unpacking service packing and unpacking mean whole packing and unpacking services provided by moving company after requested by customer and its charges are plus in total moving cost by moving company.

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Inventory - Inventory mean list of moving and relocation belonging.

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Non-Allowables - Carrier will not accept shipment property that will contaminate or damage the carrier's property or the property of other customers.

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Order for Service - Carrier will not accept shipment property that will contaminate or damage the carrier's property or the property of other customers.

Order Number - Order number means the number appeared on the upper right corner of the Order for Service and the Bill of Lading. .

Overflow - when articles to be shipped are left behind due to insufficient space on the primary van. An additional van(s) is then used for transportation and delivery.

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PBO - POB mean packed by owner.

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Reweigh - Reweigh mean checking weight of your shipment belonging again at the time of destination or at the time of start you shipment.

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Shuttle Service - Shuttle service mean that supportive transportation services used at the time of moving and relocation.

Survey - Survey mean a professional of moving and trucking company who check out your moving and relocation items at the time of move.

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Tariff - Tariff mean rate or charges of moving and relocation services.

Third-Party Services - Third party services mean services provided by partner of your grant moving and Transportation Company.

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Unpacking - Unpacking mean bring out moving belonging from packed boxes or wrapping paper.

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Waiting Time - Waiting time means that at the time of delivery of your move you are not able to take delivery of your move because of that moving and relocation company charge some extra charges for you.

Weight Additive - Weight additive mean some item occupies more space than that the weight that types of moving and relocation belonging price charging methodology are depend on space not on weight.

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