Free moving estimates provide you information of moving process, with the help of this information you can arrange your move successfully. We are always happy to help our potential customer to solve his problem regarding to moving and relocation. Here we give you some tips of how to make a ready for move.

Firs stage

  • To start finding right affordable moving and relocation company
  • To start finding new office or home place.
  • To take decision of old house is sale or give to charity.
  • Inform post office about your new address
  • Pay all bills of your service provider
  • Sale or give charity belonging which is not move with you
  • Filling all details of your expenses and moving belonging
  • Be ready to next step of moving
Second stage

  • Provide list of moving belonging for movers.
  • Make an arrangement of storage
  • Notify doctors schools and daily service provider
  • Notify bank
  • Notify cable service provider
  • Notify moving for daily newspaper provider
Third stage

  • If you packing your self start to packing
  • Use quality packing material
  • Select belonging to move
  • Order special packing material for perishable
  • Packing in categories
Fourth stage

  • Check out any item remains packing
  • Conform your address change
  • Conform all bills are paid
  • Conform all devices are packed well
  • Arrange some one who take care of your kids and pits
Fifth stage

  • Check it phone connection is disconnected
  • Give information to electric board about your move
  • Transfer your services to new location
  • Arrange all moving and relocation devices at one place
Last stage

  • Move your precious devices with you as like jewelry
  • Confirm moving date
  • Returns books to library
  • Cancel total subscription local services
  • Pack cloths
  • Drain explosive gases and oil
Day of move

  • Keen look on services provided by movers which offered at the time of estimates
  • Make sure all phone lines of movers are ok
  • Close all door and windows
  • Check all items match with list
  • After coming in your destination check your listed items.
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